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Performance Issue: How can I increase a performance?
Hi guys!

## Context
Little introduce to a context of the issue.
I have about **33 million rows** on a table. The table structure looks like that: `(id, date_time, list_id, item_id, modified_date_time, title, json)`

index: `list_id, modified_date_time`

## Issue

I did select query by `WHERE clause with list_id=? AND item_id=? AND modified_date_time=?`
And I've gotten a result for **150.7ms** on average, stdev: 3.59 ms, stderr: 0.804, ci 95%: 0.352.
For me it's too long.

I want to select a row of the table for less than **70ms**. Is it possible?

Does any body help me? What I should to do?