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How to convert am/pm time to 24hrs time format
That is an interesting article. I had no idea there was that level of "confusion".

To me, it seems intuitive that 12:00:01 am is one second after midnight, and 12:00:01 pm is one second after noon. By extension, it would be silly to consider 12:00:00 am as being offset by more than one second from 12:00:01 am. Never underestimate the ability of people to foul things up.

I do agree that when using a 12-hour clock in prose, it is probably best to use "midnight" or "noon" instead of "12 am" or "12 pm". Given the unlikely nature of any event happening *exactly* at the stroke of the instant of midnight or noon (instead of being offset by at least some fraction of a second), I feel people infer a precision by the term "12 am" or "12 pm" that doesn't exist, just as they infer a precision in binary floating-point arithmetic.

Thanks for sharing that. It's good to know government and legal sources don't understand (or haven't historically understood) it "intuitively" the way I do so that I can stop assuming it is as obvious as I think it is.