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Assertion Failure "target>0 && target<=pParse->nMem"
This is a follow-up to [forum post a6b0c05277](/forumpost/a6b0c05277).

The original problem was that the code generator was not allocating
enough registers in the bytecode.  That was fixed by 
check-in [68db1ff9c44fa9c3](src:/info/68db1ff9c44fa9c3)
However, the increase in the number of registered allocated happened
too late for the assert() that you found in sqlite3ExprCode().  The
solution (check-in [7072404ad0267b8e](src:/info/7072404ad0267b8e)) is to
move the increase in the number of bytecode registers a little earlier.

Thanks for using Fossil and for running bisect.