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sqlite3_carray_bind and constness
> I care about undefined behaviour.

I have dealt with an architecture where a const pointer might have to be larger than a non-const pointer, but I do not think SQLite targets such. You could use a static assert to head off run-time trouble (or UB) of that nature.

> \[On code beauty and its discussion and aficionados ...\]

I apologize if I came too close to accusing you of anything along those lines. My main point was that one can go too far that way.

> \[On thought exchange and "preferable to the vulgar metaphysics" ...\]

I was cured of philosophy discussion very early in my college career. As a student of a philosopher who wrote, “A serious and good philosophical work could be written consisting entirely of jokes.”, (who is the only one I could take seriously), I am not so sure about "vulgar metaphysics". I think they might be the best kind.