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SQLite 3.33.0 beta-1
The 3.33.0 release of SQLite is schedule to occur in about two weeks.  Now
would be a great time for you to download the latest
[prerelease snapshot](https://sqlite.org/download.html) and see if you
can break it.  We'd prefer that you report bugs before the release rather
than afterwards.

Other links:

  *  [Summary of changes](https://www.sqlite.org/draft/releaselog/3_33_0.html)
  *  [All 223 changes that are in the 2020-08-07 prerelease snapshot](https://www.sqlite.org/src/timeline?p=trunk&bt=version-3.32.0&n=all)
  *  [The 3.33.0 checklist](https://www.sqlite.org/src/ext/checklist/top/index)
     (When this checklist goes all green, we will cut the release.)