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Using android AAR with modified sqlite_open_v2() - attach gives problems
What we did: add a callback to the sqlite3 code that allows us to do things to the sqlite db if a certain pattern matches in the file (basically custom URI).

We compile this as a custom libsqliteX.so and use AAR to talk to it under android.

We also attach a database to the main db file that is opened. When this attaching db is empty: no problem. When it has tables in it: everything hangs - attach never returns.

All this happens before our modified sqlite3_open_v2() returns. It works gloriously on linux and android when using only native code.

I realize that we probably should have gone the VFS route, but this is a product in development. We will certainly look at that in the near future.

Can anyone point me to something that might be stopping us from attaching the db?