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Generating documentation
> Does that mean I cannot use the fossil repo?

No; "opening" the SQLite Fossil repo counts as "unpacking the source tree for SQLite."

The main thing you cannot use is the amalgamation version. It's missing pieces relative to the full tree, needed for building the docs.

Another source tree that should work for this is the "snapshot" zip file.

> the documentation system is in its own repository, which afaict cannot be cloned

Works for me:

$ fossil clone https://sqlite.org/docsrc/ sqlite-docsrc.fossil
Round-trips: 3   Artifacts sent: 0  received: 10182
Clone done, sent: 768  received: 15275104  ip:
Rebuilding repository meta-data...
  100.0% complete...
Extra delta compression... 
Vacuuming the database... 
project-id: a49a74a282acfe2f07de91768b854dffd3d783df

> The parent of the build directory must be "sqlite"?

No. It's saying that there must be a peer to the current directory called "`sqlite`". A `cd ../sqlite` command relative to the top of the `docsrc` repo must put you at the root of the SQLite source tree.

> The Makefile means the one generated by configure?

No, it means the one at the root of the docsrc repo.

> Those variables also do not appear anywhere that I see.

They're in the docsrc Makefile.