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Documentation: list of addons and extras
Twice in the last month I've looked for something in SQLite which is not mentioned in the API documentation, because it is an extra program, or a rarely used addon.  Having read this forum (or the email list) for years, I know roughly what the feature is called, or a word that is probably mentioned in the documentation for it.  I can use the website's search features to find that word.

But many newer users of SQLite may be looking for useful or interesting extensions/addons and not have that advantage.  So I went looking for a web page which mentions all the extras.  And I couldn't find one.  A good source is to use


and reveal both 'extensions' and 'tools'.  This gets me json1, the archiver, Android bindings, and FTS5.  But not the Checksum shim.  And the System.Data.SQLite bindings are listed in Programming Interfaces.    It also doesn't mention the backup API, because that's part of the C API, yet people can miss it if they don't happen to be looking through the complete list of API function calls.  And why would anyone do that when looking for what feels like an addon, not a basic SQLite feature ?

I'm thinking there could be useful things developed and supported by the SQLite team, which users would find if there was a list all on one page.  Am I missing that such a list exists ?  Or just being silly ?