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SQLite with NFS + cachefilesd
Nobody here (I don't think) wrote either NFS or this 'cachefilesd' whatever that is, so no one here will be able to help you other than to tell you what you appear to already know:  SQLite3 should not be used over Remote (network) filesystems because doing so may (1) be slow and (2) not work correctly -- rather the filesystem should be local to the machine running SQLite3.  (Note that this does not mean that the storage needs to be local, only the filesystem.  You can use a local ext3 filesystem over an iSCSI connection where the "block storage device" is located the next quasar over, if you like, you just cannot have the whole ext3 filesystem located the next quasar over and access it via a network file system.)

So the question is not so much as why it does not work (you have been told that based on retrospective evidence it likely will not) but rather why you persist in pursuing it anyway when you have been told that in all likelihood it will not work.