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How to submit changes
As David replied, and as you gather, you would need check-in privilege on the source repo to push such changes.

I do not think small spelling fixups would be welcome en masse. The developers like to avoid churn in the change history and timelines that distracts from the "meaningful" history.

However, codespell appears to be a great tool, and it is conveniently available on Ubuntu. For source files about to see substantial change anyway, or new ones, it will or may be used, depending on exigencies at the time. Thanks for the tip.

You may have noticed a marker, CAPI3REF, in the sqlite.h.in file. Comments so marked end up in the documentation. Spelling corrections are very welcome and normally taken for the documentation. I see now, using codespell, that there are several spelling improvements possible there which I will fold into the next change made for substantive reasons.