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Unexepected commit result with two threads application
As a last resort, I tried to make tests with different Sqlite versions (dll). And pinpointed the change to the version 3.17.0, so 3.16.2 and below correctly waits for the reading thread to finish, but 3.17.0 and above shows the symptoms I described elsewhere, including the win32 dll from the site. 

The history information about 3.17.0 doesn't show anything interesting that might be related to locks or something, only "Perform some UPDATE operations in a single pass instead of in two passes" might be related.  Also quickly scrolled through WinMerge difference between amalgamation sources, also didn't notice anything suspected given that I'm not the developer.

I wonder is there an easy way to download amalgamation betas chronologically between the releases? My "binary" search then will be able to find the change in question.