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Can I detect if the disk supports WAL mode?
What is a VM/docker?

They are different things.

A VM (Virtuasl Machine) allows one to run "native code" on emulated or virtualized hardware.  When working properly there is NO WAY for the software running on "virtualized hardware" to know that it is not running on "real hardware", and if it is possible to detect the difference, then the VM is not a real VM, it is merely a toy.

Docker, on the other hand, is an APPLICATION PROGRAM.  It has nothing whatsoever to do with any "Virtual Machine".  As a separate application in its own right, it has its own set of constraints -- one of which is that IT DOES NOT PROVIDE A SUFFICIENTLY WORKING FILESYSTEM FOR CONCURRENT ACCESS.

WHat you have asked does not really make any sense whatsoever.

There is nothing that can be done to make the "docker" application work properly, other than to re-write the docker application so that it works properly.  It is a hopeless abortion for use by little kiddies to solve a problem that does not exist.  

If you insist on using "Docker" then you must also live with the limitations of it.

As far a Virtual Machine, if you run an Operating System that works properly on BARE NAKED HARDWARE, then it will also work EXACTLY the same on a PROPERLY WORKING Virtual Machine.

No matter what you dop, "Docker" is knows to be broken and NOTHING whatsoever will fix it (running it on a VM, running it on bare metal, running it on Gode's Computer) will not help.

Docker is like a dory (a wee little row boat) that has a hole in the bottom.  It matters not whether you put your dory on the Ocean or a Lake, or even in the toilet.  Water will still perculate up through the holes and drown you.