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php sqlite3_create_window_function
I'm very familiar with sqlite3 in php since years, now using PHP V 8.0.7 and SQLite V3.26<br>
Also learning SQLite window functions (OVER clause)<br>
I need to use User-Defined Aggregate Window Functions (sqlite3_create_window_function)<br>
Already succeeded using sqlite3_create_function, as createFunction and createAggregate, either in PDO:: and SQLite3::, I used them for years too.
But create_window_function is not documented in PHP, nor under PDO nor under SQLite3<br>
And I get "Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined method" when i call ceateWindowFunction, create_window_function or sqlite3_create_window_function<br>
echo 'PHP Version: ' . phpversion(); //PHP Version: 8.0.7
$db = new SQLite3('mibdsqlite.db');
echo 'SQlite3 version: ' . $db->querySingle('select sqlite_version();');//SQlite3 version: 3.26.0
$db->createWindowFunction( ... );//Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined method SQLite3::createWindowFunction() in folder/filename
//same error using create_window_function or sqlite3_create_window_function
Can sqlite3_create_window_function be "hidden"? (already present in sqlite3.26 I check)<br> Is there a way to make it accessible using .htaccess or php.ini, load a PHP extension, etc? (I'm working on a shared hosting)<br>

Thank you in advance<br>
Best regards