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Multithread processing, storing in memory and writing to database
"Optimal?" Inherently not, else we would all be using relational databases for everything.

Aside from your concurrency problems, one of the characteristics of B-tree type storage is that when a bucket spills over, the tree has to be rebalanced, which takes time. What this means in terms of your problem is that insert time varies depending on the state of the B-tree, which means you can't predict the overhead of the insert while other data continues arriving in real time. The only way to avoid dropping data or queueing it up for batch inserts (and then hoping you don't spill *again*) is to overprovision the hardware so much that even the worst case spill occurs in the time slices you have available.

So yeah, your life sucks because you keep aiming the foot-gun, pulling the trigger, and then wondering why it hurts so much each time. Stop it!