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hardlink created
Some more context now that i'm back on a computer...

> I am pretty sure this resulted in a hard link to ~ being created in my project directory.

That's definitely not what happened: hardlinks to directories are not possible in Unix because they can create endless loops and apps cannot, using C-standard APIs, distinguish between "normal" files and hard links because there is no difference. A hard link is just an increased reference count on an existing file (which is why hard links cannot span filesystems).

> I was using '~/.appname/database.sqlite' as the database path.

What has, in all likelihood, happened is that the JS wrapper you're passing that path to has decided to create all directories, if needed, for the path it is given. You gave it a *relative* path which starts with a directory named `~` (which is a perfectly legal directory name). Under that, it created `.appname`, then it passed the whole string to sqlite, which finds that directory and creates `database.sqlite`.

That's my bet, anyway.