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SQLIGHT performance
I don't think there are any GUI's that will run on Android currently, and what do you mean with POS machine? (I'm crossing fingers that it means Point-of-Sale) :)

If you have access to a proper computer/OS, you can try 
[DB Browser for SQLite](https://sqlitebrowser.org/)
on Mac, Linux or Windows, also 
if it's specifically a Windows machine. A quick Google would probably list a few more.

I'm not sure if the sqlite cli can run on Android terminal/command line, One would think it should easily be able to - but I haven't tried it.

I have one question about your original post - You stated that it does not help when removing the Indexes, and Larry pointed out why that should make it quicker. My question is, if you do remove the indexes, do the inserts still take exponentially longer the more you insert? (i.e. doe the first 1000 and the last 1000 inserts take significantly different time to complete?)