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Get SQLITE_READONLY when using UPDATE command
> > Now I get a hex E from result.

> You mean you get an error:<br>

That would be "hex F".

> Try specifying a proper filename in proper filename format and see if that helps (ie, forget about using the URI format, use the CPM/DOS/Windows filename format standard that has existed unchanged since at least 1979 if not earlier.

The OP's' filename will be fine when either stripped of its leading "file:" or when passed with the SQLITE_URI flag in sqlite3_open_v2().

The '\\'-as-path-separator convention was misbegotten from the beginning. It is no longer necessary to use it instead of '/' for Win32 APIs, and has not been since Win16 was obsoleted nearly 2 decades ago. (FWIW, the backslash convention was hotly contested with Microsoft, but imposed by IBM as MS-DOS was made ready for use in PC's, evolved from Tim Paterson's 86-DOS.)