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Integer becomes blob
That's a fair point. Stepping back a bit, the problem was the vast amount of unseen code at work with no observation of intermediate results. Just about anything can happen in that great unknown, so your conjecture was not unreasonable given what we could see.

I got frustrated enough watching this thread that I decided another approach was needed.  Instead of poking at the huge black box whose output the OP disliked, it needed to be broken apart to at allow him (or us) to see what flows between the pieces. Then, figure out what (black) piece is disappointing and break that down, recursing as needed. I felt that poking at the whole thing was too easy and likely too often done by the OP, who needed some better ways of tackling this problem and others like it.

My semi-blunt response to your suggestion sprung, in part, from desire to head off the approach of guessing and trying things in favor of digging in to figure out what is going wrong and where in a more deterministic manner. Please take it as meaning nothing more than that (and stating some SQLite facts, of course.)