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How to detect which db is corrupted in case of multiple attached dbs?
The problem:

I have a connection to a db with attached dbs. It is possible that a stamement returns SQLITE_CORRUPT for query that may read/write several dbs in one transaction but it is not clear which one db is actually repsonsible for the error.

What I already did:

I list through all attached dbs and fire PRAGMA integrity_check; in order to find which db is corrupted but in some cases integrity check doesn't report problems. For instance, currently I have a db that has corrupted free page list the total sizes of free pages exeeceds expected number of free pages. During debug I put break point in sqlite3CorruptError and it fires in allocateBtreePage

  /* EVIDENCE-OF: R-05119-02637 The 4-byte big-endian integer at offset 36
  ** stores stores the total number of pages on the freelist. */
  n = get4byte(&pPage1->aData[36]);
  testcase( n==mxPage-1 );
  if( n>=mxPage ){

and integriyt check AFAIK doesn't validate free page list, therefore, reports no errors for such corruption.

So how can I relyably find a db that is corrupted for the case when there are many attached dbs?