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memory vs mmap
I have put some printfs into sqlite 3.32.3 and found that when mmap() is being used, there are numerous calls to sqlite30sFetch.

But when :memory: is being used, there are none.

So before getting into the intricacies of kernel mmap implementations, I'd first like to get Sqlite pragma mmap to go through the :memory: code path.

After all, at that level, the logic is identical, isn't it? Regardless of how the kernel has implemented mmap(), the fact is that mmap() will return a virtual storage pointer. ie exactly the same thing that :memory: will do. Or am I missing something?

Perhaps there is an Sqlite pragma to make Sqlite using the :memory: logic, even for a mmap file? If so, that's what I'd like to try next. Any ideas?

It would seem to me that this is something that would be useful to everyone. You can potentially run your application twice as fast.

Thanks. Paul.