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Unexepected commit result with two threads application
Thanks, eventually not aware of the replies, made an inquiry and ended up with "manual" bisect by splitting sections at the timeline.

The change that triggers the difference is 
  (Remove another unnecessary local variable initialization from sqlite3VdbeExec())

The code fragment in question is (the difference between versions is the line with my comment "THIS IS THE LINE ...". I looked at the latest sqlite, basically these particular lines are the same, only isInterrupted wrapped in AtomicLoad)
  assert( p->rc==SQLITE_OK || (p->rc&0xff)==SQLITE_BUSY );<br>
  assert( p->bIsReader || p->readOnly!=0 );<br>
  p->iCurrentTime = 0;<br>
  assert( p->explain==0 );<br>
  p->pResultSet = 0;<br>
  db->busyHandler.nBusy = 0;<br>
  if( db->u1.isInterrupted ) goto abort_due_to_interrupt;<br>

I also noticed isInterrupted field here so I looked once more at my code and saw also an interrupt action so in order to clarify, the steps are 
  *  Thread1 (Main UI) asks the Thread2 Connection to sqlite3_interrupt, so the call is from Thread1, but for the connection of Thread2. This is because a new text is being entered so the previous query is no longer needed
  *  Thread2 by reacting to an event triggered by the previous step starts a read-only query 
  *  Thread 1 begins deferred transaction, updates and calls Commit. If the line with <b>p->rc = SQLITE_OK</b> is omitted then sqlite3_step returns SQLITE_BUSY twice and returns SQLITE_DONE but failing to write. If the line is present then sqlite3_step allows calling it multiply times with SQLITE_BUSY result and correctly writes.

I'm not the developer so this is only my speculation. According to the first assert the p->rc can have different values (not only SQLITE_OK), but if the interruption (last line) is triggered its final state might be different in two Sqlite versions so this change may be an optimization with unnoticed side effects.