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create taable with syntax error works ?
> > So you should use \[STRICT\] if it is too hard to remember to separate your column definitions as SQL requires.

> This sort of left handed jab really isnt necessary

It was not meant as a jab. It can be hard sometimes to read code closely enough to realize what it means, even when one is fully familiar with the language being used. (I say this from experience.) Let's try that another way:

If you dislike having to keep in mind that SQLite will slurp up a long sequence of words as a typename, you will probably appreciate the STRICT feature.

> I was just surprised that there wasnt any apparent error warning or any other indication that I had missed a single comma Every other DB ...

The fact that you would submit such a sequence to the SQLite compiler, and expect something different, shows that your expectations developed from work with other DBMSs need some adjustment, at least until you qualify table definitions with STRICT.  That's the practical response rather than railing about SQLite behavior that is decades old and certain not to change. I am sympathetic about the feeling of having a well-entrenched expectation found wanting, but it's the price to be paid when one chooses to not become familiar with one's tools, hoping assumptions about them will be enough.