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.selecttrace unknown and strange errors
> The syntax error in trigger C1_100 should have been detected while SQLite is building the database;

I would guess the SQL in a trigger only gets compiled/prepared when they come into play. Similar to how missing columns in views don't get complained about until you try to access the view.

> The .selecttrace was initially fixed but after update Ubuntu the command is no longer working;

Presumably the Ubuntu update replaced your SQLite binary with a newer version. From the [Debugging Hints][1] page, since you need to compile with `-DSQLITE_ENABLE_SELECTTRACE`, and this isn't a documented (or officially supported option), the new version presumably doesn't have it enabled (my off-the-shelf Windows version doesn't).

> Why is SQLite scanning also trigger C_100 when an update effects only table A1.

Trigger `C1_100` (presumably `C_100` is a typo) is defined as `BEFORE UPDATE ON A1` ... why would you expect SQLite _**not**_ to process this trigger?

I also fail to see anything "freaky" about the error message: it tells you that `.selecttrace` isn't available and that table `A1` does not contain a column `C1_PRODUCTIONS_STATUS`. (Neither does it contain `C1_PRODUCTION_STATUS` ... I'm assuming you meant to create the trigger on `C1`).

[1]: https://www.sqlite.org/debugging.html