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Integer becomes blob
Note that the sqlite3 (pysqlite2) wrapper allows you to "adapt" a non-base type for storage and "convert" it for retrieval.  The "conversion" is based on either parsing the column declared type or the query column name (see the documentation).

However, the wrapper retrieves such values as byte strings even if they are of another type (INTEGER, REAL), so you have to handle that:

Python 3.9.1 (tags/v3.9.1:1e5d33e, Dec  7 2020, 17:08:21) [MSC v.1927 64 bit (AMD64)] on win32
Type "help", "copyright", "credits" or "license" for more information.
>>> import ctypes
>>> import sqlite3
>>> a = ctypes.c_short(4)
>>> db = sqlite3.connect('', detect_types=sqlite3.PARSE_DECLTYPES)
>>> sqlite3.register_adapter(ctypes.c_short, lambda x: x.value)
>>> sqlite3.register_converter('short', lambda x: ctypes.c_short(int(x)))
>>> db.execute('create table x(x short integer)')
<sqlite3.Cursor object at 0x000001BE2C015AB0>
>>> db.execute('insert into x values (?)', (a,))
<sqlite3.Cursor object at 0x000001BE2C0159D0>
>>> for row in db.execute('select x from x'):
...  print(row)