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long runtime for sqlite3_prepare_v2
Thank you kindly, this phrasing of the question is absolutely clear and detailed.

The problem now is clear - You are preparing a single string with 16K rows, it will most certainly take ages to parse and prepare and is possibly the worst possible way to use SQLite.

I'm not fluent in C++ so the following is a bit pseudo-code-ish, but the idea should be clear:

The best way to do it would be to make the initial query so:   
sql = "INSERT INTO KEYTABLE(FVIdx, hashkey) VALUES (?, ?);";

Then prepare that query:
sqlite3_prepare_v3(pDB,  sql, -1, SQLITE_PREPARE_PERSISTENT, &feat_stmt, NULL);

Then iterate your loop calling the sqlite3_bind_xxx functions every iteration and stepping the query to the next line, and finally, finalizing the query.
Something like:   

for (size_t idx = 0; idx < keyRowsPerInsert; ++idx) {
     sqlite3_bind_int(&feat_stmt, 1, idx);
     sqlite3_bind_int(&feat_stmt, 2, idx); // Or whatever other Key value you choose

That should be faster than your current attempt by orders of magnitude.

[More info on binding here](https://sqlite.org/cintro.html#binding_parameters_and_reusing_prepared_statements)

[and here](https://sqlite.org/c3ref/bind_blob.html)

[sqlite3_finalize info here](https://sqlite.org/c3ref/finalize.html)

Note1: I seem to recall somewhere in the docs a rather succinct demonstration of the entire prepare-bind-step-finalize loop process, but cannot seem to locate it now.
The above should be close enough to get you rolling.

Note2: Your real code should involve some error checking testing return values from those calls to assess if they happened correctly or not. Those return codes are all documented.