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sqlite 3.35 stalls tracker-miner-fs-3
After upgrading sqlite from 3.34.1 to 3.35.0, tracker-miner-fs-3 can no longer initialize. It burns CPU executing a query with a subquery having many UNION ALLs.

3.34 executed it quickly. 3.35.1 does not help.

The problem was bisected to

    commit de9ed6293de53e89b7c37e7de9a8697d86d7f619
    Author: dan <Dan Kennedy>
    Date:   Wed Dec 16 20:00:46 2020 +0000
        Allow sub-queries that use UNION ALL to be flattened, even if the parent query is a join. Still some problems on this branch.
        FossilOrigin-Name: 00e4bf74d3dfb87666a2266905f7d1a2afc6eb088d22cfd4f38f048733d6b936

More details at [https://gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/tracker-miners/-/issues/161#note_1059821](https://gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/tracker-miners/-/issues/161#note_1059821).