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update-from on without rowid virtual tables

I am trying out the new update-from syntax in the latest release, 3.33, and am struggling a bit with a virtual table that is declared as 'without rowid'. Normal updates on the table seem to work ok like they did previously, but using the new syntax triggers an error in my code, which I think is coming from sqlite calling xRowid on the table.

Reading the virtual table document, I thought that I would be ok to supply an xRowid for a without rowid virtual table (I use the same module for tables that do and don't have a rowid), but that it wouldn't be called if the vtab defined the table instance as without rowid.

I tried running an 'update from' on a normal without rowid table, and it seemed to work, so I think I might have just screwed something up. If anyone has any ideas, would be great.