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Compiling sqlite3 with readline support
Here is a report for building SQLite 3.35.0 on NetBSD. This may be relevant to MacOS and FreeBSD.

On NetBSD 9.1 ./configure incorrectly fails to detect some dependencies are missing, and then gets readline wrong in a similar way to the report in this thread for MacOS. Unlike the original poster I was just trying to compile SQLite at all, not to use a specific edit/readline, but I think it is nearly the same problem.

./configure does correctly find libedit:

checking for library containing readline... -ledit"

but when compiling, sqlite sources want to include <editline/readline.h> , which Uilbeheist tells me has never existed on NetBSD. 

I suspect `--enable-editline` may be ineffective on all BSD-type platforms.

The simplest way I know to get SQLite sources to build on NetBSD is:

1. pkgin sqlite3                            # use official package to get deps
2. ln -s /usr/include/readline editline     # fake to fool sqlite

I have not yet built Fossil on NetBSD 9.1 (fossil contains SQLite 3.35.0 sources), but I would expect the [autosetup Fossil uses](https://msteveb.github.io/autosetup/) to do a better job than the [GNU autotools](https://www.gnu.org/software/automake/manual/html_node/Autotools-Introduction.html) SQLite uses.

Dan Shearer