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Performance issues with query parameters vs. static strings
> its a general expectation now that things will preferably be done on smartphones and to the extent possible things are designed and optimized for smartphones first.

People have all kinds of crazy expectations that don't line up with reality.

No amount of work on the Fossil forum software is going to change the fact that it takes me 3 taps to get to a square bracket on the iOS on-screen keyboard, whereas it's a dedicated key on any hardware keyboard.

And it's 3 taps only when I remember the exact sequence of shifts and alt-keys to get to it, and when iOS doesn't guess wrong when my fingertip covers 9 different on-screen keys. When it decides I really wanted that Emoji keyboard instead of the Shift key, I might need to cycle through 6-10 on-screen keyboards to get to that one key.

I do often read this forum on my iPhone, but when it comes time to reply, it's usually easier *and* faster to just go find a real computer and type my reply.

> Why give awkward solutions to straightforward problems?

Because the only workable alternative is that someone has to write code for an open source software system to create the UI features you're wanting. Are you volunteering?