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Endianness help
> This isn't technically an sqlite question

[SQLite stores integers in big-endian byte order][1] so that databases are binary-compatible across platforms. In the context of SQLite, then, your question is moot: SQLite handles it. The only reason to explore further is to either go off-topic or to dig into the SQLite implementation details.

If the former, please don't. :)

If the latter, are you sure you want to second-guess drh about data storage integrity and cross-platform compatibility? Instead of asking why the code doesn't behave as you expect, you should be questioning your expectations after seeing that SQLite does things this way. Which is more likely the case: you're wrong on this, or drh is?

> Stackoverflow just hit me with smug soundbites.

Point us at the question. If there's correction needed, I'm sure there's enough SO users here that the necessary adjustments will occur. Either that, or we'll agree with the answer(s) you got.

[1]: https://sqlite.org/fileformat.html