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A newbie's question about database structure design
Best advice I can give is.... start with the default page size, and try import it all, see if it runs into size errors, and if so, see at what percentage of the job it failed (if at all), that should give you an indication of how much more you will need, which will help deciding an appropriate page size.


Thanks for your reply and useful advice, I will follow your suggestion, starting from the default page size with part of the data, and then gradually increase to all the data to see how the effect is. I am now learning the basic statements of SQLite, and I believe it will not take too long for me to start this test.

Regarding what you said "longer than the age of the known Universe", this is very funny, maybe I shouldn't spend so much energy to do this thankless task, I will treat it as a study of SQLite.

All the best.