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install sqlite on windows10
I am still a fan of the good (very) old [Sqlite3Explorer](https://www.rarst.net/software/sqlite-tools/) from Singular in version 3.04 . It might be difficult to find it nowadays in the internet as it is really old, it's from about year 2009 (version 3.01 from about 2006).

Beside the single exe file it uses just the one sqlite3.dll, which can be downloaded from www.sqlite.org homepage. A report generator could be loaded in addition but I did not require it and have used it only seldom.

Even when it is very old it has almost all I need from such a tool every day and I did not find a better one for me yet.

This GUI has run with all versions that I can think of since used SQLite3 version 3.5.9 ; and this GUI still does the good job of keeping the compatibility also with my latest version 3.36.0 .