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What am I doing wrong to get errors when trying to compile amalgamation file in Linux
Thank you.  Does this apply to Linux only?  I ask because I just compiled the same on Windows 7 from the sqlite3.o made in 3.34.0 without these flags and it worked without error.  I haven't used the amalgamation in about six months, and thought maybe I had forgotten that I had used these flags before but it appears I didn't use them.

I'm pretty sure the only thing used to compile to sqlite3.o was -DSQLITE_ENABLE_JSON1.

Although I'm not attempting to compile the CLI because the Manjaro software installer did that for me, that note given but Larry Brasfield mentions the flags for Windows when using mingw+mysys.  I'm using mingw-w64 but don't need those flags.

What am I still not understanding?  Thanks.