SQLite Forum

Old Nabble SQLite mailing list site down?
One of the arguments in favor of switching from a traditional mailing list
to this forum (a switch that received considerable push-back) is
that historical conversations are preserved, in a searchable format, and
can be easily replicated using "[fossil clone](/help?cmd=clone)".

This is one of the advantages of Fossil over Git.  You have the ability
to keep historic conversations about the code together with the code
and in an easy to use and easy to preserve format.  Yes, I now I keep
this forum in a separate repository from the SQLite source code.  But
I *could* combine them.  Maybe I will someday.  And certainly many of
the smaller projects I manage do keep the forum and source code and tickets
and all the rest together in the same repository so that by cloning the
repository, you get the full historical context of the project.

One commentator recently observed that Git really is "distributed", but not
in a good way:
"You go here for version control, and this other place for wiki, and over
at this third place for the mailing list, and ...."