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cannot create tables in sqlitestudio than other apps can see
Having some bit of Delphi experience I can tell you that the above errors might not be at all what you think. It should work perfectly well.

I typically use a direct import of the SQLite DLL but the built-in Data-objects should work just fine too, though sometimes setting up the connection can be finicky and you have to watch out for any auto-magic transactions being started on your behalf.  You could try the free SQLiteSpeed from here [sqlitespeed.com](https://sqlitespeed.com/) to see a working Delphi SQLite engine, and if that system opens the file correctly then it should rule out Delphi being a problem. (You are also welcome to our unit code that deals with the SQLite DLL interfacing).

Other things to consider might be UAC messing with virtualizing the files so the file you "think" you are opening might not be the one you are indeed opening.  Some older versions of Delphi used to not play well with Windows manifests and using correct user folders and the like.

I think the issues you are seeing are just some combination of the above, there are not much else I can imagine that will go wrong. SQLite is an abnormally solid piece of kit, and Delphi, while an overly expensive dev environment and having some bugs in near every IDE version, has a rather solid and well-maintained compiler and component library (what you pay all that money for).

If the above does not help to solve your problem, perhaps showing some code or posting a project on some file-share would help to enlighten.