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operator precedence docs missing, suggested clarifications below
On associativity for unary operators, I agree.

> My best argument to remove goes like this: If the associativity was there people might actually think about it, thinking that it matters before finally convincing themselves that it doesn't. The best we can hope for by including it is that they won't waste too much time thinking about it. That's a case for deletion if I ever heard one :D

That's a fair argument. I am tempted to say it's compelling.

> Note: ALL SQLite binary ops are left to right associative (because there is no assignment operator) so you could use that as a reason to not mention it at all except in a footnote...

But that would remove a whole column from my pretty table! I will try that for a look-see. With the binary ops already lacking \[expr\] adjuncts, there is very little information conveyed in that column once the lack of right-associative binary operators is noted. I was trying to make that 2nd column unnecessary for the busy SQL writer, so the only surprise is the uniformity of binary operator associativity.