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memory leaks in sqlite3.c:23618
>     #8 0x46ba20 in sqlite3_mprintf /data3/ASAN2/sqlite-src-3320100/ASAN/sqlite3.c:29281
>     #9 0x4493a6 in do_meta_command /data3/ASAN2/sqlite-src-3320100/ASAN/shell.c:16014

This leak is in the shell, not sqlite3 library itself. Given the [blob with dots](
https://github.com/puppet-meteor/NLP_POC/blob/master/sqlite3/POC_6_000667) you are feeding it, I don't think it reaches the `sqlite3_prepare_v2()` API. If you fed it directly to `sqlite3_prepare_v2()`, it would return a parse error without leaking memory.