Cloud Backed SQLite


How To Run Local Tests

The system can use the Azure emulator Azurite to run tests locally on Linux. Version 3.6.0 or newer, or the latest code from the "master" branch is required.

1. Install Local Node.js System

Download a node.js binary package from:


Unpack the archive somewhere and add the "bin" sub-directory to the users PATH. e.g.


Also set environment variable NPM_CONFIG_PREFIX to a location that will be used to install Azurite. And add the "bin" sub-directory of it to the users PATH as well:

     export NPM_CONFIG_PREFIX=~/.npm-global

2. Install Azurite

Obtain sufficiently new code with the following or similar:

     git clone 

Then, in the source directory:

     npm ci
     npm run build
     npm install -g

And to check that it installed:

     azurite version

3. Run The Azurite Tests

Build the blockcachevfsd binaries with:

     ../blockcachevfs/configure && make all

Start the azurite emulator in an empty directory:


Run the test/runtests.tcl script from the blockcachevfs build directory using 'bcvtclsqlite". e.g.

     ./bcvtclsqlite ../blockcachevfs/test/runtests.tcl

3. Run The Proxy/Azurite Tests

todo: describe how to start the proxy and run these tests...