A Release Checklist Web Application for SQLite

A Release Checklist Web Application for SQLite

1.0 Introduction

This repository contains source code for a Wapp-based web application that implements testing and release checklists for SQLite.

Though this application is designed specifically to support the release testing process used by SQLite, other projects might find the code useful, and for that reason this repository is made available to host the code.

2.0 Implementation

The application was originally coded in C and run via CGI on the SQLite website. The legacy C code can be found on older check-ins in this repository. The legacy C code is no longer used and has been removed from recent check-ins.

The current implementation (seen at is a single Wapp-script. The new implementation is about 1/3rd the size of the old and yet is more capable and easier to maintain than the legacy C code. Wapp-based applications can be run in a variety of ways, but as of this writing the application is deployed using CGI.

Each checklist is stored in a separate SQLite database file.

3.0 Contents Of This Repository

The source code to the web application is entirely contained in the checklist.tcl file in the top-level directory. Sample databases for development testing are found in the dbs/ subdirectory.

To run the code locally, install an instance of "wapptclsh" on your system (see for details) then type:

wapptclsh checklist.tcl -DDATADIR=./dbs