SQLite Android Bindings

Help: test-escaped-arg

The "test-escaped-arg" command:

Usage fossil ARGS ...

Run each argument through blob_append_escaped_arg() and show the result. Append each argument to "fossil test-echo" and run that using fossil_system() to verify that it really does get escaped correctly.

Other options:

--filename-args BOOL
Subsequent arguments are assumed to be filenames if BOOL is true, or not if BOOL is false. Defaults on.

--hex HEX
Skip the --hex flag and instead decode HEX into ascii. This provides a way to insert unusual characters as an argument for testing.

--compare HEX ASCII
Verify that argument ASCII is identical to to decoded HEX.

--fuzz N
Run N fuzz cases. Each cases is a call to "fossil test-escaped-arg --compare HEX ARG" where HEX and ARG are the same argument. The argument is chosen at random.