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  1. Active requests for enhacement    [sql]
  2. Active sorted by last change    [sql]
  3. Active tickets sorted by Severity, Created    [sql]
  4. All Reports with description    [sql]
  5. All active tickets    [sql]
  6. All new+active+deferred assigned to this user, by date    [sql]
  7. All recent active tickets    [sql]
  8. All tickets    [sql]
  9. All unclosed tickets    [sql]
  10. All unclosed tickets, ordered by priority    [sql]
  11. Closed tickets by Date    [sql]
  12. Copy Of Known Issues    [sql]
  13. Documentation open tickets    [sql]
  14. Fixed or tested but not closed    [sql]
  15. Known Issues    [sql]
  16. Known Issues with descriptions    [sql]
  17. Known Issues, Version 3 only    [sql]
  18. LastReports    [sql]
  19. Order by version    [sql]
  20. Recently changed and active tickets    [sql]
  21. Recently changed and active tickets w/descriptions    [sql]
  22. Statistics on All Tickets    [sql]
  23. Tickets pending review    [sql]
  24. Tickets reported by Adobe    [sql]
  25. by date    [sql]
  26. closed tickets ordered by priority    [sql]
  27. security    [sql]